Want me to simply share your product on my social media?

Always shoot me a message first at teachlovefirst@gmail.com / I only show products I'm personally interested in trying, that align with me or that I already love!  This is the exact reason my audience both trusts and follows me.  I'm real with them.

Partnership Opportunity Business Packages:

YouTube Review à la mode
FREE + product to review
Let me do a full review of your product on my YouTube channel!  When you have outside reviews on YouTube, it helps give you more traction on YouTube!  I'll even throw in an IG post and an IG story post on my social media - connecting my audience to the video as well!  I do not charge for this because my reviews are real, so know that I give my honest opinions when I try your product.  If your product ends up not being for me, I will say that in my video but will still try to find the positives for people that it might be the right fit for.  I will never just talk straight crap without good reason, ya know?  Because of the number of requests I receive, I cannot guarantee and exact time frame, but I will get to your product as soon as possible.  Sometimes it can honestly take a couple of months, but hey - it's free marketing that's there forever!  I also require that your product is a completely free (free shipping as well) full size product so that I can give an accurate review as if I was a real customer of yours.  I hope to work with you soon!

Instagram Basics
$99 + product to shoot
Includes 10 square images featuring your product, perfect for Instagram.  You will get these images for your own personal use, and I will share them all over time as well - yep, I will share all 10 of your products images with my customers over time as well!  You will also get 3 stories graphics, and when I share them on my IG you can use my swipe up feature to include a link.  & of course I will tag your profile in my posts as well, and you may use them as you see fit for your page.

Instagram Basic + Video
$189 + product to shoot
Includes everything in the basic package plus 3 short product videos posted to my IGTV over time & 2 in stories format, also posted to my IGTV over time.  Video adds interest in your audience's feed and they are more likely to stop and watch!  You will receive these videos as well to use on your social media feed as you see fit.

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Are you just done with trying to figure out Instagram?  But you still understand how important it is today?  No worries!  Take that stress away and let me run it for you...
Live Video Collabs!
Live video is a great opportunity to share our audiences with each other and grow.  If you would like me to do a live video for you independently, it is a $75 add on... However!  I do it for free if it is something we do together to grow our audiences together.  Collaboration makes the world go 'round (at least on the web).  Shoot me a message with the topic you want to share with our audiences so I can see if it aligns with what I enjoying sharing with my peeps!

1 Hour Mentor Sessions Also Available for $65

Email Me! teachlovefirst@gmail.com