Why Hello There!

Heyyy!  It's Jamie Wilkinson here.  If you don't know me, let me tell you a ditty or two.  Number one - and always number one - I'm a mom first before anything.  My kids are my world.  Everything I have done to build what you see here on Sparkle and Grow, I do because it allows me to be with my children for everything important, all while either helping others or channeling some creativity.  I feel incredible gratitude for everyone that stumbles upon my website, my photography, my art, my YouTube channel or Instagram.  Without you, none of it would be possible.  So thank you sincerely.

Oh!  & my hobbies?  Gardening, Photography, Painting, Walking & Running, Keto, Cooking, Makeup, Astrology & Tarot, Personal Development, Audio Books, Crosswords, Going on Adventures & Playing at the Beach!