Why Hello There!

Heyyy!  It's Jamie Wilkinson here, creator of Sparkle and Grow!
If you don't know me, let me tell you a ditty or two....

& a huge welcome too!  I'm so ecstatic that you are here!
I feel incredible gratitude for everyone that stumbles upon this website, my art, YouTube channel or Instagram. 
Without you, none of it would be possible.  So thank you sincerely.
Number one - and always number one...
I'm a mom first before anything.  My kids are my world.
Everything I have done to build what you see here on Sparkle and Grow,
I do because it allows me to be with my children for everything important, all while either helping others or channeling some creativity. 
My Hobbies & Joys of Life...
jellyfish painting.png

I love astrology & spiritual things!  Crystals, tarot, zodiac signs - I love it!

I believe strongly in the universe, and that if you trust the universe it will trust you back.  It's a fun intuitive passionate kind of energy that helps me really understand both myself, the world around me and the connections between the two.  I believe all people need something spiritual to drive them to their life purpose or purposes no matter what you believe.  It's the magic inside of you, no matter what religion you do or do not attach yourself to.

My signs?  Virgo Sun, Aquarius Moon, Virgo Rising!

I love makeup (obviously!) - I love the art when it's time to have fun on camera or go out with my man, and I also love how it is an accessory to life - like anything else in your wardrobe, like a piece of jewelry or some cute new sneakers.  Makeup can bring some confidence and zip to your day - even if it's just a little concealer to hide those mom circles and a simple mascara and lip gloss to give your vibe some POP!  Makeup is meant to accessorize and enhance the beauty that is already YOU!

I'm a Creative Through & Through - I do a lot of watercolor painting, you can find some of my paintings in my shop right here on this website!  I also design a bit of apparel for you boss babes!  Another creative hobby I've been doing in conjunction with my beach life is collecting shells and agates on the beach to turn into jewelry (stay tuned in the shop for those - coming soon!)  I also love photography, I used to own a studio but now I do it more for fun and integrate it into my own personal business as an influencer!

Health is SO Important!  I'm not a nutritionist or a health professional in any way, but health is something that is very important to me, so I do share a bit in this area. 


You'll see me first and foremost talk about mindset and personal development - everything in your life starts as a thought, so having a healthy mind is what will lead you to balance and health in the other areas of your life.  

I also strive to eat a low sugar, keto-ish pescatarian diet.  I have watched both my parents battle cancer a few times over (and WIN!) so this is something close to my heart.  Since I am deep in the beauty industry, I also have a slight obsession with collagen because I love how healthy it makes my hair & skin!  Running is my fitness jam, I've been trying to grow in this area more and more.  & of couse playing at the beach always counts as exercise!